Lemoncocco. Bevanda Fresca Italiana Lemoncocco. Bevanda Fresca Italiana. A Naturally Flavored Coconut & Lemon Beverage

Bevanda Fresca Italiana

Naturally light and refreshing, Lemoncocco™ is the perfect afternoon or weekend drink.

Limone Siciliano

Sicilian lemons are bright, beautiful, and known for their punch. We have extracted the flavor of Sicilian lemons to give Lemoncocco™ its authentic refreshing taste and wonderful lemony aroma.

Latte di Cocco

Unlike traditional coconut water beverages, Lemoncocco™ has a fresh and smooth finish. It contains just a splash of coconut cream which gives it a distinctively sweet and velvety flavor and texture.

For Italians, nothing compares to the taste of Sicilian lemons.

The small touch of coconut cream in Lemoncocco™ gives it a sexy smooth finish without adding a lot of calories.


Lemoncocco™ contains only pure cane sugar and it's just 90 calories in a 12 ounce serving.

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Lemoncocco™ is canned under the authority of Jones Beverages International, a wholly owned subsidiary of Jones Soda Co.

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